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For the best offensive Xiu Keller-Murre Murray last season, he hopes that he can have new offensive weapons in the new season. He hopes that the red scitch can pick yourself in the front of the University of Oklahoma, Ceedee Lamb.

Dezhou people's four-dimensional Watersen is dissatisfied with unfasistence to seek new general manager work
DESHAUN WATSON is the player who has the most passed the number of passes this season, but now he is dissatisfied with Houston Texas.

Such a view is also recognized by his coaching group, the offensive coordinator said: "Harva is a way to us, this is what we need. People always say that he can do this, because it is true There are not many people, so this is also his unique. "

The Chicago Bear is currently competitive in the near-end front. It is currently registered with Martellus Bennett, Bell Pask (Bear Pacoe), Zach - Miller (Zach Miller) and Dante Rosario, etc. players. However, because the bear team is currently not good at the near-end of the ball, Li still has a small opportunity to stay in the final list. Lanc Zierlein, once took Li Bi, Donal (Larry Donell, Giants).

Summary: Chiefs and Chong Hands Okakada regreshed one year
US time on Tuesday, according to NFL NetWork reporters reported that the old man-Alex Okafor is re-signed with the chief, and successfully found the footpoint before the training camp.

However, according to the La Pott report, Watson found that Texas will hire Caesario, just in March in March, in March, I know the outside De Andre - Howardre Hopkins is traded. This caused him to speak on the twitter: "Some things will never change ..."

Okafor has also been a member of the chief in the past two years. In the 2019 season, he was retired in advance due to injury, and 2020 was also on the 11th regular season. During this time, Okafor completed 8 kills, 38 times.

"My relationship with Sidi is very good," Murray recently said. "He is one of my iron guys. I obviously like the red ramp very much. Obviously, I am not choosing. No matter what choice is done, but I am looking forward to we can introduce some great in the free player market. Players, we add more excellent players in the draft, so we can continue to make the team progress. But, yes, if we pick Sidi, then it will be great. We have a good relationship. I have told him. Ball, I have worked with him for many years, so, I think this will not be a bad choice. "

Before Braddy applied to register "Give Decoction" as a trademark, MLB New York will be quite dissatisfied, because "Give Soup" is a metropolitan, MLB Hall of Hall, Tom Seaver's nickname. The reason why Braddy's application was rejected is because "Application Trademarks include erroneous hints and Tom-Sifer has associated elements."

For Watssen, his dissatisfaction is not from the team to hire Caesario, but from him failed to participate. Lobport said Watson once hopes that the team can listen to him and other players, and also give him a chance to meet him and candidates.

Wholesale Nfl jerseys TV reporter Ian RapoPort reported that Watson's "extreme dissatisfaction" is "extremely dissatisfaction" for Texas, because he failed to participate in the team employment new general manager Nick Kaisi (Nick Caserio) Decision process.

There is no doubt that Harvin has completed 332 games in the past 6 years of career, and the ball will run 147 times, and the running ball is 140 times. Contributed 31 reacons, 21 of which were the ball to reach, 5 were returned to reach, 5 sports reached. It now seems that Bill will make him more attention to the top of the ball.

However, the cause of Braddy's registration is not what you think. He has expressed his registration for registration in June. "This is very unfortunate," he said. "I actually try to do this because I don't like this nickname, I want to make sure no one uses it, because some people want to use it. I want to try to stop other people cheap jerseys from china using it, the result is expected. The development. This is a very good lesson for me. I will try to do things in a slightly different way in the future. "

Lamo completed 62 batches in the 2019 season to get 1327 yards 14 times. When the two played together in the 2018 season, Lamb completed 65 cents to get 1158 yards 11 times. He is considered to be one of the best outer hands this year.

In addition, there is also a report that Watson recommends the team's high-level Janan Eric Bieniemy, Eric Bieniemy, as a coach candidate. But Texas is currently all in the team looking for new coach, there is no interview than nanometers.

Texas people will be near the end Koli-Lee trading to the bear team
Houstown Dexas people announced near the Termali-Lee trading to the Chicago bear on Wednesday, exchanged a 6-year-old 2017. In addition, Texas also cut off another close-end Brumb-Anner (Blake Annen).

Lobport reported that Cal McNair, Cal McNair, I would like to inform Watson to say that he will participate in the work of the new coach and general manager, and Watson is hoped to provide feedback. But the final Texas people did not fulfill their commitments during the process of hiring Caesario.