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But the New York Giants' Safety Wei Trell Roler has different views on this. When he was asked by the reporter, the leader of the team's corner Wus Lin, the reason for the excellent performance of the Armkarmra (22 times, 25 times of 22 times), Rohn said that he appeared to the rest Marriage and post-marital life have given Prince vitality, let him rejuvenate the second spring. Prince as a devout Christians insisted that there was no sexual life before marriage. Perhaps his teammates have changed in the cold water bath for a few years ago, and Roh believes that the changes occurred after Prince marriage (refer to it is no longer a place).

Knix got the first coach work in NFL in 1963 & mdash; & mdash; served as New York jet offensive front line coach, he worked in 1966, and then he went to Detroit Lion in 1967 to 1967. Location coach. He has achieved 186 wins in the regular game in the colors of the colors, and he won 7 wins and 11 losses in the playoffs.

According to the news, the raid people may prioritize their quartzwood. "Reliable news revealed that the raid management" considers priority to dealing with Carl's contractual issues, the reason is very simple, the raids have enough salary space to turn Carrier's 4 years into 5 years. "And we have to admit a little That is that Wholesale nfl Jerseys is a quarter-off alliance, and there is no good quadruption. It is difficult to touch the super bowl.

Noxs also coached the Los Angeles ram in 1973 and 1992 to 1994, and the 69 wins and 48 negative records were obtained. Knox was a two-digit game in five consecutive seasons in the first paragraph of the ram. He joined Bill in 1978 and stayed in 1982. He returned to the ram in 1992, but he won't exceed 6 games in each season, which caused him to be dismissed in 1995.

"I think he can get a season of ruling," Cruz said. "I think we have such an offensive system. In September, we can play power, all these good things, I think we will have a very very well-robust offensive group, you can take 28,35 points per game. We can really do something interesting in this season. "

"His understanding of the competition, his thirst for victory, his determination and the focus of the game also showched it," Cook said. "I learned these qualities from the two people, and I saw them showing them every day."

Tom Coughlin also pointed out that Prince's progress in the game, although not agreeing that Roors made Prince's advancement of Prince. Kufulin believes that Prince progresses from him to accumulate competition experience and the giant team overall the whole team. The public says, the only constant is the performance of this fourth-year corner.

In 1983, from 1983 to 1991, Knohwag was coached, and six seasons were taken to achieve more than little records in six seasons. Knox was a good start in the first season of the Sea, which led the team to win 9 games and entered the United States championship. After a season, the Sea Eagle won 12 games but was eliminated in the playoffs. .

The rapid pass of Ben McAdoo helped Manning to reduce the copy of the CD from the 2013 season 27 to 14 last season, Eli is "a bit number" in this season. The number of CDs and the target of the reachable coastow reaches 4 to 1.

Asked by a reporter, "Do you think it will complete the best season performance?" Time Manning made an optimistic reply. "Yes," Manning said. "I like the players in our dressing room, I like our team's talent, I like everyone to treat this season, I am looking forward to this season."

Rar said to the reporter: "Prince has changed a lot. For him, he can enjoy the things that he has not done before. For a man, this can help him progress, I am not a joke. He It's quite confident now, this is what we want to see, the team needs. "

The movement of the giant this year has not been received, and the Philadelphia Eagle and Dallas Cowboy have received all the attention in Guonong District. But giants have strength to make the partition championships last until December.

Despite the shortness of Will Beatty, it is a long time because of the chest muscles, the offensive weapon around Manning is the best configuration in the past few years. Due to the surprising performance of the offensive, the offensive manifestation of Odell Beckham Jr., this rookie took over the second half of the season often defeated the opponent's double package. With healthy Victor Cruz and with the potential Lu Ben Rundle, the giant has one of the best outer junctions of the KKEL. At the same time, Shane Veen will give Manning one of the best engagement of the alliance.