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McKoo once served as an offensive coordinator in the wild horse, and the middle also went to lightning for four years of head coaches. In November 2017, he was suffering from the wild horse, and his work was not working. It was cut off in October.

When approaching the end area, Mahmus did not tend to be a squid, because he knew that he would not be fiercely hugging in training. He said: "This is my responsibility, I know that choosing the rush will be very easy, but I don't want to hear the defensive group player laugh at me because of this choice, so I chose the ball & hellip; & hellip; coach also told me, can Wash the ball, don't be influenced by other thoughts, develop bad habits. I hope I will decide on the end zone in the game. "

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The American tiger has to continue to find a suitable candidate, ingeniously, their newly seeing people have worked in the wild horse. According to ESPN reporter Adam-Shevt (Adam Schefter), the Jaguchi will interview Mike - McKay in the US time on Tuesday.

Kerrigan said: "We will be the showstopper their teams want to win the division championship, we now have the opportunity to make one of these teams dreams shattered hope what we can do, our performance may result in the final rankings. great influence as division rivals, we want to fight twice within a year, the fans do not like them, we are the same. this, too, provides a reason to continue fighting for us, we look forward to a positive way to end the season, while allowing them to regret. "

Redskins linebacker: We will be the showstopper
Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys is for the National League East champion and go all out for a playoff spot. The two teams will have played against the Washington Redskins in the last two weeks. Although the Redskins own bad record, but in the face of the same district rivals, they still do not want a fight. This week, the Redskins linebacker Ryan - Kerrigan (Ryan Kerrigan) said the Redskins beat opponents will fully affect the final standings and playoff situation.

come into the bowl! Sports Racer hug "Super Bowl" to become the NFL Chinese official short video platform
2020 December 21, deft and professional NFL Football League officially announced that they have reached a depth of content partnerships, deft become professional Football League NFL Chinese official short video platform.

Jacksonville American tiger or intentional trading running guards, Donte
According to inferior people, Adam Schefter, Jacksonville, Jacksonville, has discussed the transaction starting to run toleard - Fournette.

Eric Bieniemy said: "He has encountered some problems today, but this is part of the transformation process. The problems encountered when you are important courses & hellip; & hellip; we are of course also I hope he can be perfect, it is best to have a four-point guardian to get more and higher & hellip; & hellip; but he needs to stay calm when it is pressed. "

Deft is now the focus of continued force on the sports field, we are committed to building a strong community atmosphere within the sports station, construction of contact for people interested in the sports industry, and promote the development of sports. Sports deft creators more than 40,000 high-quality sports, sports fans audience over 150 million. In the past year in sports by deft more ways to cooperate with domestic and international top events IP, top sports teams and sports celebrities Cooperation in collaboration with the sports industry to do deep bundle, try to create a new event in the social environment to experience short video scene, interactive scenes.

In the first season of Gutt's effectiveness for the joys, the outside world is questioned with his attitude and whether it is mature. Fluoret last season shows that you have matured. He trained together in the court and reported to the training camp with an excellent body shape, and the training is not absent in the training camp. In the preseason, even though did not appear, he asked to wear headphones so he can hear offensive tactics.

It is understood that, in this partnership, NFL will be fully settled in the form of a matrix account deft platform and release tournament moments, tactical resolution, and other tidbits surrounding the stadium, presents the most comprehensive rugby boutique deft old iron content to them.

After more than ten years, it is currently the popularity of NFL rugby in China. Its high-quality brand image, the unique sports charm and the potential development prospects are also recognized by the community. American football originated in the Ivy League, to promote team tactics and strategy, emphasis on communication and mutual respect between players, young players can develop positive self-confidence, courage and tenacity, and other lifelong benefits of quality and values. Up to now there are about more than 50,000 (12 years old) young people regularly participate in organized football training, domestic equipment organized amateur adult league has 80 teams and more than 4,000 players. 2019 season, NFL football related video content player won more than 700 million, an average of more than 32 million video views per week. 2020 54th Super Bowl ratings still higher, short-demand video of over 160 million, there are more than 880 million viewers watched the broadcast of Super Bowl events through different media platforms.