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Rivus also said that he did not have a big matter when he was interviewed. He said: "Now it is at this time, I will definitely not fight." He added that the current rest is more important: "Can't train, I can't train me very Not cool, but now you need to think from the big situation, now rest can make me play in a better state. "

Since the entered the Alliance since 2011, Sherman has always been an important part of the Haiying second-line defense. It is the manufacturer of the opponent attack. His lack will be a huge loss of the Hawks defense.

Such data makes many people feel surprised. Recent professional American football talk show, the host asked Manning for this record in the future, if Manning replied: "Say NFL is easy, you only need to pass the ball and then Harris to complete the game, this Almost through the whole game in Pony, I think my many records will be broken in the future, but I don't think that I and Harrison have completed the record of the reach will be broken. "

Manning and Harrison are considered to be a quarter-defense and external junction combination. Their two times met the opportunity very suitable, Harrison entered the alliance in 1996, and Manning entered the alliance in 1998, both in the peak of the occupation.

Hardher Schilica joined Bill in 2017, which once served as a six-year kickner for the Hawks, and during the period, the team came into the super bowl. During the time of Bill, Hardeard 89 arbitrarily shot at 73 times (82%), with additional shot shot success rate of 96.6%.

Voting on Saturday determined that the city will use 50.3 million US dollars as a racket expenditure in the latest 200 million US dollars, and the remaining 12.5 million US dollars have been spended in the city's 2000 local debt costs.

Although McKini is the most expensive coup, it is only 5 miles, there is a race of 60 million US dollars, 18,000 seats. Currently, in accordance with construction, the McKini Stadium will be open in 2017.

A city of Texas spent 62.8 million US gold construction high school football court
US time Saturday, Texas's Macini City passed a vote, they will allow a high school American football court with a total value of 62.8 million dollars, more than 12,000 seats.

The combination of Manning and Harrison is Steve Yang (Steve Young) and Jerry Rice to reach the game, and then it is Philip Rivers and Antonio = cover after the PHILIP RIVERS and Antonio Antonio Gates has completed 77 pass to reach.

FOX hire Eric Dickson for NFL analyst
ESPN layoffs in the big hiking, fox is just happy to buy horses. They have already got a bunch of NFL players, and this time I was running with the celebrity hall to complete the contract.

It is difficult to see Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, because the age of the age is not changed, the current Braddy and Gronkov Sky completed 64 pass to reach, and two of them need at least 5 healthy seasons to approach or transcend Manning and Harris.

Richard-Shelman completed surgery expectation recovery
Seattle Hawks' corner Wei Richard Sherman suffered a congenital tear. This injury makes his entire 2017 season, but he is already preparing for the 2018 season.

For some players, they will choose to stop when they are injured, but the style has always been more than "tough" Rivers won't shrink because of this injury, Rivers have many experiences that have been injured forced to fight for a lot of money. In 2008, the famous "scaff" dragging a knee ligament torn "scrap" adhered to the legendary story of the combat.

Philip-Rivers: No problem this week
San Diego lightning quartz, Philip Rivers, due to the back injury, have been absented for two consecutive days, but according to Nfl Jerseys media people Ian Rapople reveals the Lightning Team for River The hurt is very optimistic, and this Zhou Rivus is expected to continue to play.