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Briser's pass rate of 72% last season, a new creative color, the number of passes (386), also loses the first. Last season, Bris passed the ball number 8.1, advanced 4334 yards, and made 23 reachaes. Bris and Cakerussia.blog Breddy are expected to break through Penton Manning's career records, between the two people, more favored by Bris.

Sags High School played in Arizona and was also selected in the United States, the best college lineup in Arizona State University. However, he carefully of 16 seasons for Baltimore, now 37 years old, he will return to everything start.

After the end of the third season, Mahmus will be eligible for the first time in 2020. Currently, he is only more than $ 5.2 million in 2020. If both parties can't complete the renewal, the chief will execute Marhms in the fifth year of the 2021.

Manning's career is undoubtedly successful, but if his earlier playoffs, the Mentian fans may be disappointed. Manning and his pony have been waiting for his sixth season before the first playoffs. In the 2003 season, Manning successively defeated Denver wild horses and chiefs to enter the United States. Unfortunately, he is finally patriotic in New England. Manning is undoubtedly the most legendary quarter-off in the history of the small mall. He took the team into the playoffs in 14 seasons in the pony, and eventually got a championship.

The departure of Sags also means that the 2012 season wins the superbown's crow defense group starting members all from the team. In addition, the old leaving the old will also have the Safety Wei Rick-Wade (Eric Weddle) and the four-point guards traded to Denver Musaba-Verco (Joe FLACCO).

Chairman of the Emirates: Not necessarily in this year's break and Mahumos renewal
The outside world believes that the Kansas City chief will sign a new contract in patrick mahomes in this year, so that he has become the highest pay quarter.

"In the next 12 to 15 months, there will be a right time to renew Patrick. When I said right, I mean when the player and the team are suitable," Hunt said. "I don't want to say that I will be in this year, but I will say that it is a priority business with him."

Although Hunter correctly pointed out that the team does not have to complete the renewal of this year, the two sides complete the most likely the most likely the long-term team of Mahms this year, and the chiefs are more likely to take it. The greater the contract.

We are hard to get righteousness to catch up with this predecessor in the future, but his current performance will bring infinite hopes to the small poliors. When two people ranked among the playoffs three times before the birth of the two, Rack acquired 2 wins and 2 losses, the success rate of passing the ball was 58.7%, the number of passes was 359.5 yards, and the completion of 7 championships was converted 8 times. Manning is in the top three playoffs in the top three playoffs. 3 losses, the pass success rate is 47.6 & amp ;, average passed the ball code number 186.0, winning 1 time, being copied twice.

Brohben season is looking for 439 passes 342 times in the country (77.9% success rate), and the 4715 yard is 48 times, only 6 passes are copied. He won 1846 points in the Husman award selection and is the biggest award in history.

Lak is better than the early manning in the playoffs.
For Andrew Lucks, what achieved in the future, now he has exceeded Pedon Manning in the early playoffs in the playoffs, and PEYTON MANNING. Ruck only used two seasons and got his first playoffs. Last season, Indianapolis Pony against the Chief of Dragonas City, Lak leads the team to complete 28 points.

Randa said: "Mike McCarti is very excellent, very powerful. I only have no respect for him. I hope that he is all good. I don't know why they want to dismiss him. He is really very good Very good person is also an excellent coach. "

The race season, the popular population in the fans will take an external hand Yoe Nelson by Jordy Nelson. After this, Landao, safety Weihaha - Clinton Dix (Haha Clinton-DIX), Run Thai - Ty Montgomery, Subject 2 points Webrete - Hendli (Brett Hundley) and Corner - Lenzy Pipkins has also been traded later.

Each respondent believes that Boao is better than Justin Herbert, the Oregon Herbert, is the best quarter-off, some people even say that the gap between the two is very large. Almost, these people think that no matter which team owns the monogan, they will choose between Bo Square, CHASE YOUNG (if he gates).

Saint Parston said: "Now and not before. Braddy and others will pay attention to the balance of diet, usually actively exercise, sleep also regularly. In exchange to 25 years ago, Lun - Tao Len Dawson will also smoke when you have a break in the middle of the game. People have changed a lot, combined with the Work philosophy and talents of Brisses, the longevity career is possible. "

Saints coach: work concept makes Brisare longevity
Beijing July 18, 2014, 35-year-old quadruple-Bris (Drew Brees) told the media that he intended to hit 45 years old. After four years of past, 39-year-old Bris said: "will be determined according to the annual situation."