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At the warm-up stage of training on Wednesday, this Cincinnati slammed out of the Tiger, and he was then injured by the toe, and he was then sent to the training ground in the battery car. Green got the team staff before leaving the training. According to reports, he was very frustrated after injury.

The two sides must complete the renewal of the renewal before 4 pm in the eastern United States. If Enacovo can't get a long, he can only get a one-year contract. The privileged tag contract value of the defensive end this year is $ 17.8 million. The 25-year-old Encocy has not yet signed this contract. Before he signed, he belongs to no contract state, so if he chooses to absent the training camp, the American tiger can't fined him.

According to informed people, the Black Leopard and Broker Company have arranged a medical examination in Atlanta on March 23. Newton is considered to be healthy by medical examination, his shoulders and foot checks are normal.

Of course, the first round of draft selection to accumulate the future is also risky. When the two-year draft of the Ming Dynasty, the first round of draft selection of the lions may only be in the middle, while they need to select excellent players. The Lion has been rebuilt for so many years. Is there a different result of this time?

After the deadline, it will become more difficult & mdash; & mdash; the team usually does not want to pay a high price to get a contract for only 1 year. But this is not impossible. Before the regular season of last year, Houston Texas traded to the Seattle Hawks, but the Delivery returns of the dexis people were not ideal.

Billandard held a first angle guard in each season in the 4 seasons in the career, got 215 hugs, 8 cases, 60 times destroyed passed, and killing 1 time. He inevitably becomes an opponent's four-point guard, but he played excellent at most.

wholesale Nfl jerseys TV network reporter Ian RapoPort reported according to the informed news report that there is still a team intentional deal when the privileged labeling player renewed on the deadline of the deadline. This rushing hand.

"The best way to build Chang Sheng Mi is that you have accumulated the dovetograms. You pick the players, these players become the core. When these players perform well in 4 years, we are needed. Then they are your core, because they It is your own player. "

Lion coach Campbell: Trading decision is for a long time
Revenue transactions involving quad-assault Matthew Stafford and Jared Goff until the New League Year of the New League can be officially entitled.

Stafford was sought after by multiple teams. According to reports, Chicago Bear, Denver Musa and Carolina Black Panther have offer. The wild horses and black panthers are all selected for ten times before this year, and the lion is likely to get their high selection rights. But the lion chose the first round of draft selection of the accumulation of the two years.

Stafford may not be the only player who is willing to give up for the future. They will make a decision on the future of Kenny Golladay. If the lion decides to let him be aligned as a free player, then this will again mean that they are ready to have a poor performance in the new season.

Breddy recently listed a nutrition manual worth 200 US dollars in his own personal website. It is reported that this expensive book contains seasonal recipes and the nutritional information of Breddy, this book has 100 pounds. Moreover, the cover of the book is made of maple, the text inside is not printed with ordinary ink.

Carolina Black Panther signed the front red leather angle Wei Bausad Britland
After the air disappearance of the angle guard, the Carolina Black Panther filled the vulnerability through the free player market.

Such a decision indicates that the lion is willing to reconstruct it in the future. Brad Holmes, the new general manager of the team, lacks the management team experience, but it is fine. In addition, the lion gave Campbell 6 years. The first round of selection rights in the future of Stafford further demonstrates their long-term consideration.

Bridide showed poor in the face of the end of the final speed, and the Pittsburgh steel man took over Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) once completed 8 balls at 8 times when the ball was completed. Most of the numbers are made when they face him. But Bridal depends on the short code defense, showing the ability to destroy the passage of the passage.

"Hone other words, I think so, and (Holmes) is also what we will be in two years? Isn't it the same this year. What will we do in two years? This is what I really look The way this transaction, "Campbell said. "So any introduced player, any free player, any new show, important, these players need to become the core of the team's team after 2 years. Because if we are now very eager, only care about & lsquo; how do we now Successfully succeeded as soon as possible & rsquo; then we do everything we have only pays now, now, now, now & mdash; & mdash; ok, this is great. Maybe we can win a lot of game next year. But suddenly we will become One of the furious teams. "