Thomas Haldenwang

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Thomas Haldenwang is the president of the German national intelligence service Verfassungsschutz. He has access to all relevant telecommunication "meta data" of the German population (meaning: Who is in contact with whom for how long and from where). However, Mr. Haldenwang has not presented any evidence against mafia structures in Germany. So Gutmenschen assumes that Mr. Haldenwang is corrupt as he is not using his available data to prosecute mafia-related structures such as the Catholic Church who has protected and enabled thousands of pederasts to rape and torture children since hundreds of years – certainbly long enough for the Verfassungschutz to notice given their technological access to collected mass surveillance data of the German population – as well as the associated knight-order and secret society already publicly known as "Holy Mafia"[1] – officially called "Opus Dei" (Work of God).