Rainer Klawki

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Rainer Klawki
Rainer Klawki
orange tie = anything goes light purple button up short: He likes energy play (a somewhat dark esoteric form of mind controlling other human beings) Suit color is unclear for now – but might be military play
Rainer Klawkis Facebook post
Seemingly harmless Tintin cartoon picture on his facebook profile First off, Tintin was revealed to be a gay cartoon character a while ago The author was a fascist, strong anti-communist, and racist (Kongo episode), potentially he was also part of a sado-network in Belgium The clothing based on BDSM code can be interpreted as: his brown suite = scat play yellow = natursekt / water sports senfgelb = big penis beige jacket = rimming

Rainer Klawki[1][2] is a costumer of child prostitution.

BDSM Code Explained[3][4]

  1. pink scarf – symbolices most likely he is a girl lover
  2. flower symbol with white, yellow and darker elements symbolizes child rapist phototropism – sun symbolism – loyalty and constancy – longevity of their cult
  3. Mentor (blue) + wants to play (green) + likes urine play (yellow)
  4. his teal colored vest could be understood as code for Torturer
  5. (enjoys basking with boys - he is active rap)
  6. high ranked fuck
  7. believes he is shit king or somewhat like a king even though he is just a piece of shit