Norbert van Handel

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Norbert Baron van Handel[1]
Norbert van Handel

Dr. Norbert Baron van Handel is accused by the Gutmenschen organisation of beeing Austrian mafia (Having beeing a member of a corrupt Freemason order: "Order of St. George (Habsburg-Lorraine)").

He is considered a pederast and a right-wing terrorist.

Carl Philipp Trump has informed Norbert van Handel to wire his entire mafia wealth to the Gutmenschen organisation. For every hour that Norbert delays the transaction since 25.05.2020 Norbert will suffer one entire additional day of pain to his general punishment when society will punish him. Its his decision.

Calls with Norbert Baron van Handel

Carl Philipp Trumps asks Norbert van Handel how many children has Norbert killed?[2]

The Gutmenschen founder Carl Philipp Trump called Norbert Baron van Handel to ask if van Handel is mafia – Norbert just hang up without answering anything.[3]


Norbert van Handel

4652 Steinerkirchen an der Traun, Schloss Almegg, Austria

Tel.: 00 43 7245 257 92

Mobile: 00 43 664 181 33 60[4]

Fax: 00 43 7245 25792-6

Email: [email protected][5]