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Marcus Prinz von Anhalt (born Marcus Frank Adolf Eberhardt) earns “his“ money by human trafficking and prostitution.

He is also involved in money laundering. His activity of bringing expensive watches from Germany to Dubai is money laundering. Von Anhalt is the front for people like Norbert van Handel.

Research Questions

  1. Is Marcus a psychopath ?
  2. What companies does he own / control ?
  3. Where does he hides his money ? (Real Estate, cars, watches, diamonds, gold, crypto etc. )


1) F.A.M.E. GmbH[1] – Marcus is PPA[2] (per procura autoritate = procuration [1]).


Blaubeurer Str. 64/1

89077 Ulm


2) TDUK GmbH

Drinks – earlier it operated the table-dance bar "Pure Platinum".[3][4]

Blaubeurer Str. 64

89077 Ulm, Deutschland

Marcus owns "das rote Haus"[5] in Frankfurt – Taunusstr. 34 Frankfurt am Main.[6] He rents it to the operator.

He owned 12 prostitutes earning each 2,000-2,500 EUR per day – working 16 hour days – 125-156 € per hour.[7]

He admits he has sex with his "women" – he talks about a "love" relationship with his "women".[7]
He spent four years in jail for human trafficking.[8]

3) Behringer Brücke GmbH & Co. KG

Renting of business properties.

Blaubeurer Str. 64

89077 Ulm, Deutschland

4) F.A.M.E. Cars GmbH & Co. KG

Tradeing with cars

Blaubeurer Str. 64 / 1

89077 Ulm


Management / Bookings – Personal Manager:

Mr. Bastian Schönauer

+49 171-3506088


Press Contact

Helmut Werner Management GmbH

Gablenzgasse 11-15

A1150 Wien