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Gutmenschen (German for "good humans") is a German non-profit organisation based in Berlin, Germany. Gutmenschen intends to be an "open-source intelligence (OSINT) agency based on public information and leaked material"[1]. Gutmenschen also plans to operate multiple social businesses with 90 % profit share for the employees such as Gut.Taxi[2].

The Gutmenschen organisation names and shames criminals, pederasts, satanists, and terrorists to punish them in historical proportions.[3] This Wiki is the basis for the so called "Kehraus"-process ("clear-out" in German).[3]


Gutmenschen organisation was founded by Carl Philipp Trump.[4] as a domain name was registered by Carl Philipp Trump in 2009.[5] Gutmenschen gemeinnützige GmbH as a legal entity was incorporated by Carl Philipp Trump in July 2019[6].

Creative director since 2020 is Meike Thaden.[4]

Legal Entity

Gutmenschen is registered as a German "gemeinnützige GmbH" in Berlin, Germany and exempt from tax.[7]

Registergericht: Amtsgericht Berlin (Charlottenburg)

Registernummer: HRB 208895[7]

Its tax number is: 27/613/05110 (Finanzamt für Körperschaften I).[7]

Gutmenschen has a banking relationship with "GLS Gemeinschaftsbank"[8].

The LEI number (Legal Entity Identifier) for Gutmenschen gemeinnützige GmbH is 254900H4QK3CQ5GCK447.[9]

The D-U-N-S Number for Gutmenschen gemeinnützige GmbH is 342922752.[7]

130.500 € were invested so far in the Gutmenschen gemeinnützige GmbH (May 2020).[10] The current financial means can be checked online.[10]

Contact Gutmenschen

Gutmenschen gemeinnützige GmbH

c/o Carl Philipp Trump

Liebigstr. 3 A

10247 Berlin


[email protected][11]

0049 175 76 75 708[11]