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49-angle Wei Delman: The challenges brought about by unfrunking the Chief Offense Group
San Francisco 49 people face some performance opponents this season, but they are about to face the biggest challenge.

Drake Carl's brother, now served as the NFL official website guest David Carr, also participated in the show and said: "I told you that he is 100% recovery but you don't believe me, you have to ask Donald. He will be great. He is very good. Have started walking, exercise. He will not do anything for the bones, but he will return. He will have a complete training period training, that is the best part."

Pony cut off the old military line Wei Phillips
The 33-year-old veteran Shoun Phillips was detained by layoffs, and the killing of the long line guards were abandoned by the Tennessee Titan team after two months. Free player market.

However, the results of the flashing team decreased, and the age of Age Phillips was increasing in the team, and finally he killed the enemy of Dan Buddha wilderness in 2013, and sent 10 times in the season. Points of killing.

Andy Reid can use the rest of this week to break the leading preferences of the 49-person Alliance. cheap jerseys from china a historical perspective, Reid obtained 23 wins and 5 losses in the competition (including the playoffs). And he has a superb bowl of coaching experience. The chief offensive group promoted 383.6 yards in his command, including 283.7 yards, and the three-speed conversion rate reached 47.3%.

The shock of the arrival of the 38-year-old, confirmed that he will return to the 14th season. He posted a picture of "I came back" on Instagram. At the same time, on the twitter, he wrote this: "I will be 38 years old on Wednesday, I feel like a bottle of wine. More Chen more alcohol."

10 minutes left in the first half. Taylor Rockte is the sea easter to attack 46 yards, running to Weimas-Roles, launching 12 yards and 45 yards score, Sea Eagle 17: 7 Black Leopard. The black panther offensive group quickly out again, the Haiying near the GM Gameham pushes 13 yards, close-to-Trodules Nick Vannett 21 yards, eventually playing Stephen - House Card 37 yodi, Haiying 20: 7 panther. The black panther team has been out of the three gear and left a half a minute to give the Hawie attack group. Sea Eagle Exterior Trip - Baldwin 20 yards, Jimmy - Glaham won 18 yards, Steven House Cards in the first half of the 31 yards, Hawks in the middle The leading advantages of 23:7 were established before the end.

After the lost black panther team sent Cam-Newton, but their offensive group still discovered. Hawks attack, quasolers, Wilson, short biography, to find Tayler Lockett, advance 40 yards. Enter the Black Panther Half, THOMAS RAWLS, short pass 12 yards, close-end Feng Mimmy, Jimmy Graham, complete 14 yards, final Thomas Roles Ball 8 yards, Haiying 10: 0 Black Leopard. Kam - Newton Long Chuan Niger Greg Olsen won 16 yards, helping the team to enter the sea eagle, but still have to abandon the kick in any race.

Considering that there is a report at the end of December, if the raid person enters the super bowl, Karl is small, so this news is not surprised. But the raid will definitely be very satisfied. Last Saida passed the 3937 yards 28 times to 6 passes, the passenger passed, led the raid to achieve 12 wins and 3 loss records. His shoulders will have a very high expectation next season.

Harris took 10 seasons in jet, and the jet was in the second round of the second round in 2007. In June last year, he was unfortunately cut by the jet, and then signed a new England patriotic for 2 years.

The Kansas City Chief Offensions Group has been known for its powerful advancement and scoring capacity. In the playoffs, they rapidly preferred and established enough leading advantages in two consecutive games.

The competition enters the second section, and the Hawks use a series of short pass to advance. Come to the Black Panther's half 36 yard line, four files 5 yards, Russel Wilson is defended with Charles Johnson, and converts four files fail. The Black Panther team retransmit the ball, but they first attacked the ball to join the ball: KJ Wright forced the Black Leopard to run, Jonathan-Stewart, defeated the end card Cassius Marsh picked the ball in the midfielder. Dramatic is that the passage of Russel Wilson is also trailed by Tre Boston. Kam - Newton seizes the opportunity, TED Ginn Jr. 55 code to score, Panther 7:10 Hawks. The Earl Thomas is defeated, and it is injured in the end.

The second half of the Haiying team first attack, Taylor Rockete scorpion gave rid of the defense to take the 75 yards, the Haiying's next half of the flicker score, 30: 7 leading. Kam - Newton began to use short pass to advance, but they have to abandon kicking in any free kick. The Haiying team offensive group is also very fast. Camper - Steven Terrell will teach the ball, but because Terre's defensive interference ball is fouled, the copy is invalid. Kam - Newton followed the ball to find Devin Funchess, with 20 yards and Cheap Jerseys 24 yards. Enter the red area, four files 12 yards, Camper - Newton passed the ball failed to convert four gears.