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cheap nfl Jerseys from china official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that the package will sign the front Baltimore Crows, Zaddalers, SMT (ZA & # 39; Darius Smith), Washington Red Leather Preston, Preston Smith, former Chicago Bear Safety, Adrian Amos, and Queen Buddha, Right, Billy Turner.

Wilke is considering whether to choose to retire
PEYTON Manning is not just Denver Mangma only considering the players who have a future of cheap nfl jerseys from china careers, and now Vis Wes Welker has not made a decision.

Brady on Wednesday to participate in full training before, but because of right elbow and toe injury limited to participate in training on Thursday. In addition, wide receiver Julian - Edelman (Julian Edelman) (shoulder), safety Patrick Chung Wei (Patrick Chung) (heel), cornerback Jason - McCaw pedicle (Jason McCourty) (groin), wide receiver Mohamed - Sanou (Mohamed Sanu) (ankle) and backup quarterback Cody - Kessler (Cody Kessler) (illness) were limited training.

Amos has been concerned with his teammates Eddie-Jackson (EDDIE JACKSON), but he is one of the most stable security guards in the past two seasons. In the score of professional football focused, he has ranked first in terms of anti-transmission in the past two seasons. The overall rating of Amos over the past three seasons can be ranked third in all safety sashimi.

In the security position, the packaging fans will be very familiar with Amos for the Chicago bear for 4 seasons. The package worked for him a 4-year $ 37 million, and the first two season salary reached a contract of $ 21 million.

Wilke completed 122 codes in the two seasons of the wild horse to advance 1242 yards and 12 reachaes. His total number of spheres fell from 73 in 2013 to 49 in 2014, and this season only completed 2 reaches. And his biggest problem is that the brain shock has always plagued him.

Bell's April Fool's Day joke: not the whole season
Pittsburgh Steel Man's Runwei Levian - Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell) recently released a message on the tweet, success on the Saturday April Fool's Day, many fans believed in real.

1. Chiefs running back Darrell - Williams (Darrel Williams) due to the hamstring injury was added to the injured reserve list for the season. Williams rushed the ball 41 times this season, advancing 141 yards, three touchdowns, the ball 15 also completed, advancing 167 yards, touchdown, once lost off the ball. To complement the lineup depth, chiefs earlier this week signed running back Spencer - Nashville (Spencer Ware). Chiefs while training promoted from defensive lineup Alex Hou Weiya - Brown (Alex Brown), signed wide receiver Gary grid - Dieter (Gehrig Dieter) to the training squad.

As for Preston-Smith, the packaging worker got a player who was robust and has a shobbound ability. He is one of the most underestimated flush hands in the free player market this year. He acquired 53 quartzworthy compression and 27 defensive interceptions last season. The packaging workers gave him a four-year contract, and the basic salary reached a $ 52 million contract.

Packaging worker reinforced attack and defense two-end big pen sign 4 players
Beijing March 13th, Green Bay packaging workers have passed in the free player market. Brian Gutekunst British Gutounst Big Pen is upgraded.

Last season, Amox was completed by 9 times to destroy twice. He solved a major urgency of the packaging worker second-line defense. Pet Ting likes to send hands-on impact quadruption but he needs to trust second-line defense to do this. Have a reliable player like Amos to make Petty more creative.

A few years ago, Zadaris-Smith did not be reused in the crow, and the package workers tried to trade him. Now they sign him when he entered his peak. The packaging will give Za Dres-Smith a 4 year of $ 66 million, a contract of $ 34.5 million in the first two years.

The packaging fans will hope that the team introduces another running guard & mdash; & mdash; such as Matt Forte & Mdash; & mdash; but the package is more important to the familiarity of the offensive system degree. Starks stunned last season in Eddie Lacy encountered a good performance. His total offensive code is nearly 1000 yards in the case of only 4 fields. His punch propeling the number of exceeds 4 yards, but he fell away from 5 times.

This signing will not make the packaging fans surprised, but there is no doubt that Starks have been stable during the packaging work. He covered the ability of the four-defense as an old growth, and if the Raybian status is enough to be played as a team's number one, Starks can become a price in the pass attack.

Za Dres - Smith played a breakthrough in the 2018 season, achieving the highest-to-career 8.5 killing, including 3 kills in the sixth week of Zero Tennesi Titan. In addition, he acquired 60 quarter-free pressure, ranked No. 17 in all outer rush hands.

Finally, the package workers signed the top Dangfo wild horse player Billy Turner, which can be taken from the striker and offensive. The contract is 4 years and the highest value can reach $ 29.5 million.