Articles on the regular Wikipedia that are prevented currently by PR companies or illegitimate social forces

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Here we list articles on the regular Wikipedia that are not consisting of enough critical material as PR companies and other illegitimate social forces prevent it.

  1. Opus Dei (30,000 kidnapped babies, "Santa Mafia" etc.)
  2. Tenzin Gyatso (History of Tibet)
  3. Horst Hennert (Opus Dei)
  4. Raban Daniel Fuhrmann
  5. Panama Offshore-Leaks (2013)[1][2][3]
  6. Porsche (Panama)
  7. Piëch (Panama)
  8. Silvia Quandt (Panama)
  9. Hubertus Burda (Panama)
  10. Klaus J. Jacobs (Panama)
  11. von Finck (Panama)
  12. Christoph von Metzler (Panama)
  13. Klaus Michael Kühne (Panama)
  14. Marcus Prinz von Anhalt (human trafficking)
  15. Bilal Erdogan (oil trade with ISIS)